About Us

  • Family driven business.
  • Established in 1970.
  • One of the leading Greek cosmetics company.
  • Customer-focused approach.
  • Continuous investment in human capital, system and infrastructure to increase competitiveness.
  • 190 people, technical experts, highly-qualified administration employees, and highly-engaged workforce.

FARCOM’s vision is to offer the domestic and foreign market, innovative cosmetic products and high-standards services at competitive prices, based on its multi-year experience, partners’ business resources, and continuous investment in research and development. FARCOM implements a customer-oriented approach, focusing on maximizing customer satisfaction.

Our mission is to create and provide our customers with inspiring and refreshing products, of the utmost quality and aesthetics.

FARCOM values are at the core of our company’s culture, showing the way we operate since the very first day we started.

Quality Consistency

Our passion for improvement, constant quest for innovative solutions and dedication to excellence, impact all the aspects of our business.

Target Focused

We encourage initiative, creativity, extroversion and innovation, aiming to continuously improving and making our customers proud of their choice.

Human Centered Approach

Our development is based on deep respect for our employees, partners and customers. We are open to our customers’ suggestions, emphasizing on interactive communication and meaningful dialogue.

Social Responsibility

FARCOM acknowledges the importance of the environmental protection and takes actions to reduce the ecological footprint. As far as human values are concerned, we defend the most socially vulnerable groups, apply equal opportunity employment policies, and create mutual trust relations with local communities.

In order to carry out our mission and to achive our business objectives, we implemented a number of key actions:

  • Ongoing synergies with main research centres in Europe and America and active participation in international trade fairs to ensure that we keep close contact with the global market trends and needs while identifying real opportunities to which we provide innovative and effective solutions.
  • Continuous investment in human capital, systems and infrastructure to increase our competitiveness as well as profitability.
  • Building an organizational culture to deliver superior customer satisfaction and long term relationships in ways that benefit the organization and its stakeholders.
  • As added value to our customers we are continuosly expanding our in-house FARCOM Academy for technical seminars, artistic and vocational training of hairdressing students, clients and partners.
  • Use of environmentally friendly raw materials.

FARCOM operates on the fundamental principles of Sustainable Growth, aiming at economic development that is effective, socially just, and environmentally sustainable.

Contributing to society has been an integral part of our company's philosophy since its establishment. In this spirit, on an annual basis, we invest in actions and programmes driven exclusively by solidarity. We support agencies, organisations, and socially vulnerable groups with actions, through donations and sponsorships, while we also stand by people affected by natural disasters or facing difficult conditions.

Farcom’s people-centric culture extends to its genuine respect for its human resources. We have adopted excellent work practices and a model working environment, within which our staff develops its skills in the best way possible. We also ensure there are equal opportunities for all and we encourage the career advancement of our employees.

As for the environment, we have aligned our strategy with actions and activities that aim at protecting the environment and reducing our carbon footprint. Farcom applies an advanced biological treatment system to manage its liquid waste, and we are work with suitably certified external partners for solid waste management.

From managing the raw materials and final packaging, to placing the product on the shelf, we implement all necessary safety rules, in compliance with all legislative provisions that govern the production and packaging of our products, to ensure both their quality and consumer safety.

In the context of sustainable growth, Farcom acquired RSPO certification regarding the controlled use of palm oil in our products, and ISCC certification pertaining to sustainable production and the use of biomass. Furthermore, the company works with certified FSC packaging material suppliers, so as to contribute towards responsible forest management, showing respect for the environment and the “lungs” of our planet.

Farcom does not test its products on animals, nor does it outsource to third parties such tests for product safety, effectiveness, or environmental impact. We implement alternative methods to safeguard the above by selecting advanced in vitro testing and studies on voluntary participants.

This means we are fully compliant with legal regulations (EC 1223/2009), which forbid testing cosmetics on animals as of July 2013. This fully reflects the values and philosophy Farcom has advocated since the company was established.


A wide variety of hair, face and body products, as well as well-known FARCOM own brands, are available in supermarkets and cosmetics shops in Greece and abroad. To ensure we gain and maintain our consumers’ trust, we have established effective communication channels. This allows us to get a deeper understanding of their needs, which are satisfied by constantly creating high-quality, innovative products.

Since its foundation Farcom stands by the professional hairstylists, providing them with all the necessary tools to work in the most up-to-date and effective manner. A wide range of hair care and styling products, alongside infinite coloring solutions are available to the professional hairdressers to choose from. FARCOM expresses its continuous support to professional hair experts and students, by providing training seminars in its in-house Hair Academy by specialized, highly experienced and decorated partners from Greece and abroad.

Large chains of hair salons, cosmetics and supermarkets trust FARCOM for the development of their private label products. Our company offers tailor-made formulas, product development design, a large variety of packaging solutions and above all, exhaustive quality controls aiming at providing high-end quality products matching the standards of more renowned brands in the market.

FARCOM is known for its intensive export activities, as it exports to more than 50 countries around the world; the company also sells directly to major retail chains, hair-dressing salons, department stores, and pharmaceutical companies abroad.

Strategic factors contributing to FARCOM’s success and its maintaining long-standing relationships with international partners, are our commitment to innovative, top quality and high-aesthetic products, our consistent investment in research and development, the company's advanced quality control systems, and its excellent export department team.

When targeting new markets, FARCOM has always considered the locality, the unique features, and the needs of the country it is exporting to, thus contributing to the expansion of the company’s distribution network. This is reflected in the fact that, at present, exports account for more than 25% of the company's turnover.

Countries where we export (pdf)

FARCOM has is one of the largest companies in the cosmetics industry, with a history of more than 50 years. We have maintain 100% of our production in Greece and, for us, each of our customers is unique and we are committed to fully satisfying them.

There are important reasons for you to work with us, such as:

  • - our long, proven experience in producing cosmetics, medical devices, and antiseptics;
  • - our documented experience with formulae and bottling, covering everything from cream products to light oils;
  • - our state-of-the-art laboratory equipment;
  • - our advanced quality control systems, implemented throughout the entire production process;
  • - our innovative production methods;
  • - our broad product range (we manage around 3000 product codes);
  • - our best-value-for-money products;
  • - our fully specialised personnel in all departments (R&D, Sales, Marketing, Exports, Industrial Design);
  • - our indisputably excellent know-how
  • - our consistent investment in researching and developing new products;
  • - our flexibility and consistently low production cost.

Since its establishment, Farcom operated in accordance with the strict requirements of the Hellenic National Organisation for Medicines (EOF) and European legislation. Farcom is one of the first companies in the industry to have been certified in accordance with ISO 22716 for Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). Furthermore, the company has been observing a Quality Assurance system since 2001 and is certified with the latest edition of ISO 9001:2015 international standard for quality.

Farcom has also taken all necessary measures to protect the environment and reduce its carbon footprint. In the context of sustainable growth, we have proceeded with the following:

  • - obtaining RSPO certification as regards the controlled use of palm oil in our products;
  • - obtaining OSCC certification as regards sustainable production and the use of biomass;
  • - working with FSC-certified packaging material suppliers, as regards responsible forest management.

Farcom headquarters are housed at company-owned facilities in Thessaloniki, of a total area of 57,000m2, of which 19,000m2 consist of buildings. The company's modern infrastructure is among the most advanced in SE Europe.

Our second production unit was completed in 2021; its total cost amounted to 10 million euros. Respecting the environment, the new unit complies with the Building Management System to ensure optimisation of the environmental performance of buildings.

Consistent with our long tradition in technological advancement, this new plant is equipped with clean rooms and state-of-the-art automatic production and packaging lines. Investment in new equipment includes new production containers, increasing production capacity by 60%, as well as a new automated cosmetic doypack packaging line.

Farcom has a modern Quality Control laboratory staffed by a team of experienced chemists, chemical engineers, and biologists, as well as a fully specialised, excellently-equipped, and staffed R&D Department, responsible for the development of the company’s innovative products.

Furthermore, it has an in-house Microbiology Lab, which carries out the necessary controls of raw materials delivered throughout all intermediary stages of production and, of course, of end-products, before they are distributed to the market, thus ensuring that consumers receive safe and high-quality products.

Special emphasis is placed on the Quality Control of the water used for the production of company products. The water is processed using an advanced Reverse Osmosis system, as well as an additional Deionising system under continuous Physico-chemical and Microbiological monitoring.

Farcom expresses its continuous support to professional hair experts and students, by providing training seminars in its in-house Hair Academy by specialized, highly experienced and decorated partners from Greece and abroad.

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