Cookies Policy

In the context of the relationships of trust that it cultivates, the société anonyme with the name FARCOM COSMETICS S.A. (hereinafter the “Company”) considers it important to inform you about the possibility of using Cookies and other similar technologies in its online platform, in order to provide improved services, with respect for the applicable legislations.

More specifically, this Policy sets out the use of Cookies on the company website

1. What are Cookies?

“Cookies” are small, self-installing text files that are stored, with permission, on the terminal equipment (computer, mobile telephone, tablet) and, more specifically, in the browser of the visitors/users who visit a website, without being made aware of any document or file.

Cookies technology can be used to collect information such as the type of browser software, the server, the language selected by visitors/users, their preferences and their searches. Cookies are used:

- to facilitate the access of visitors/users to specific pages of the website;

- to authenticate visitors/users where necessary, e.g. for statistical reasons, in order to identify sections that are useful and popular;

- for the security of visitors/users.

Using cookies to analyse the activity of visitors/users helps improve the website and provide customised services.

Storage of Cookies files, depending on the medium used by each visitor/user, is permitted with the express consent of the visitor/user, which may be granted through appropriate settings in the browser software. Users may withdraw their consent at any time, without retroactive effect, by deleting “Cookies” files from their terminal equipment, in accordance with the terms below.

2. Cookies used and processing purposes

The website uses:

a) Essential technical / functional Cookies.
These are the necessary Cookies that ensure the seamless functioning of the website.

[YES] Functionality Cookies

b) Statistical analysis cookies
Statistical analysis cookies collect information regarding interaction with the website content. These data are anonymous and analysed for all website visitors in aggregate. Based on these data, we can improve the content and efficiency of the website.
The website uses the Google Αnalytics service. Website visitors/users can choose whether they wish to receive relevant messages and can opt out from relevant actions in the context of Display Advertising by using Ads Settings.

[YES] Statistics Cookies

3. Management of choices and Cookies storage duration

Your choices regarding the storage of Cookies can be managed through an electronic application managed by the Company. Consent files are retained for 2 years.
Cookies are either temporary, and are kept as long as you remain on the website and are automatically deleted when you leave the website, or are permanent and are kept for a longer period of time, depending on the type of cookie, in which case they are deleted either automatically upon the lapse of their expiry period or manually via the corresponding browser of your terminal equipment whenever you wish to do so.
You can delete the Cookies on your computer or mobile device and adjust the settings of your browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Mozilla, etc.) so as not to allow for Cookies to be installed without your express consent. However, in this case, certain services may not function. It is stressed that Cookies that are technically essential for the functioning of the website or the provision of a certain service cannot be disabled.

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4. Amendments to the Cookies Policy

The Company may amend this Policy at any time and at its discretion in order to adapt to any changes to the functioning of the website and the applications available, the services offered and legislative provisions, by uploading the revised version to this web page.