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Welcome to the website. This website has been designed to provide general information on FARCOM COSMETICS S.A., its products, and its services. You can use this website if you agree to comply with these terms and conditions.

A. General Terms

1. The website is the property of the société anonyme with the name ‘FARCOM COSMETICS SOCIÉTÉ ANONYME ’.

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5. Where this website contains links to third-party websites, shall not be held liable for the content of those websites and for any damage or losses incurred due to their use, since visitors access them exclusively at their own choice and responsibility.

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7. FARCOM COSMETICS S.A. may amend these terms of use at any time, unilaterally and at its discretion. Visitors/users shall be responsible for periodically checking whether these terms of use have been amended. Visiting and using after any amendments have been affected shall be construed as unreserved acceptance of the terms of use, as they may have been amended.

Β. Personal Data Protection

The company with the name ‘FARCOM COSMETICS S.A.’, with registered offices in the Industrial Park of Thermi, Nea Raidestos, Municipality of Thermi, Thessaloniki, as the controller of the data contained in this website, informs its visitors that the personal data provided (hereinafter “data”) are processed in writing, using electronic or telecommunications means, in order to provide visitors with the services requested. User data sent online to the website shall remain confidential and shall not be transmitted or disclosed to third parties. Website users shall not be obligated to provide their personal data. However, if they do not do so, the provision of the service requested may not be possible.

The personal data of website users shall not be disseminated or revealed to third parties. However, they may be disclosed to the employees engaged by the website data controller to whom the latter has assigned the provision of its services, as well as to data employees and administrators to whom the controller has delivered an updated list of website data.

Website users shall have the right, at any time, to check their personal data and request their rectification, update or erasure, and to exercise the rights provided under Law 4624/2019 by sending a request in writing to the administrator of the website, the company ‘FARCOM COSMETICS S.A.’ or to by clicking on the ‘Contact’ option.

Visiting the website and using the services of shall constitute unreserved acceptance of all the above terms and conditions.