Fire-safety training

Fire-safety training

The health and safety of our employees are an integral part of FARCOM culture.

A Fire Safety and Protection training event was held on Wednesday 16 June 2022 at FARCOM’s facilities, by Mr Vangelis Tzavaras, Trainer of the 3rd Fire Station of Thessaloniki, and his team. The main goal of the session was for the employees to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to manage a possible risk. In this context, the employees were informed about evacuation procedures in case of fire; the value of prevention, particularly during the summer months; crisis and risk management through the practical training, and, most importantly, establishing a safe working environment. This action is the first cycle of this programme, to be followed by preparedness drills this November. With personal, team, and social responsibility, we are ready to handle challenges and ensure prevention and management of all risks.