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EXPERTIA PROFESSIONEL Permanent Hair Color Cream

EXPERTIA permanent hair color cream delivers high performance color results and gives hair luminous shine and a rich soft texture. Ultra brilliant colors infused with ARGAN OIL, rich in nutrients including fatty acids and vitamin E, and HYDRO-V-KERATIN, a vegetable-based keratin containing wheat and soy amino acids, highly beneficial ingredients that help to keep hair’s natural balance.   The high density color pigments penetrate deep in the hair shaft enabling the professional hair colorist to achieve unprecedented coloring accuracy every time.

  • 100% white hair coverage
  • Extended Brilliance & Increased Protection
  • Maximum Professional Color Shades Accuracy
  • Long-Lasting color
  • Natural feel and texture


EXPERTIA PROFESSIONEL OXYCREAM Color Developer 1.9%, 3%, 6%, 9%, 12%

Easy to mix. Easy to apply.

VOLUME        1.9%    Ideal for pastel shades and for toning bleached hair. 

VOLUME 10 – 3%     For tone on tone hair coloring.

VOLUME 20 – 6%    Up to 2 levels lift.

VOLUME 30 – 9%    Up to 3 levels lift. 

VOLUME 40 – 12%  Up to 4 levels lift. 

SERI Shampoo Ultimate Revival

SERI Shampoo ULTIMATE REVIVAL with Omega fiber control for all hair types.
Omega fatty acids & almond milk.

SERI Shampoo Moist Core

SERI Shampoo MOIST CORE with Olea-nutriforce for coarse, dry & damaged hair.

Argan oil, Arginine & Trace Minerals.

Professional shampoo with Olea – Nutriforce active care system, an innovative combination of Argan oil, Arginine and Trace minerals for silky soft hair, full of strength and vitality.



SERI Shampoo Color Shield

SERI Shampoo 
COLOR SHIELD with UV-Keraplex.

Intensive care for color treated hair.

Vegetable Keratin, Monoi de Taiti & UV Color protection factor.

SERI Shampoo Color Shield, Sulfate Free

SERI Shampoo COLOR SHIELD with UV-Keraplex Sulfate Free.

Gentle care for color treated hair.

Vegetable Keratin, Monoi de Taiti & UV Color protection factor.

SERI Shampoo Volume Twist

SERI Shampoo VOLUME TWIST with Fiber Novalift for dull, weak, thin hair.

Vitamins E, C, F & Wheat proteins.

Professional shampoo with Fiber Novalift active mild care system, an innovative combination of Vitamins E, F and C complex and wheat proteins, specifically formulated to provide hair weightless volume with natural feel.

SERI Shampoo Experts Assist

SERI Shampoo 
with Ultra-Silk Neutralizer after relaxer, perm & color technical procedures.

Silk proteins & Jojoba Oil.



SERI Shampoo Ultra Strength

With Vegetable proteins & Biosaccharides

For all hair types.


SERI Anti-Yellow Shampoo Silver Fix

With Active Anti-Yellow Agents & Natural Cotton Extract.

The SERI SILVER Fix shampoo formula is enriched with active anti-yellow agents to neutralize the yellow tones on white, grey and blonde dyed hair.
It contains pro-Vitamin B5 known for its hydrating properties, and natural cotton extract rich in proteins, B complex vitamins and sugars.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Apply the shampoo to wet hair and massage gently. Leave on for 2-3 minutes, then rinse well. For more intense results leave on for longer or, repeat the process.

SERI Scalp Purifier, Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

Suitable for sensitive scalp prone to dandruff

Anti-dandruff shampoo with Derma-Pirolamine active care system, an innovative combination of Piroctone Olamine, a powerful anti-dandruff agent, and vitamin B complex, known for its soothing effect.
Removes visible dandruff flake offering a uniquely healthy appearance from the first use.
Its frequent use prevents from dandruff’s reappearance.


SERI Scalp Comfort Shampoo suitable for hair loss cases

Suitable for sensitive scalp prone to hair loss

Energizing shampoo with Equilibrium – Vitactiv active care system, an innovative combination of lactitol, xylitol, biotin, pro-vitamin B5 and trace minerals of copper, zinc and manganese, valuable ingredients for healthy hair growing and maintenance of the natural balance and scalp micro flora. After the very first use hair will feel refreshed, revitalized and healthier.
Suitable for frequent use.
In cases of hair loss combine with the SERI ampoules.


Scalp Comfort Advanced Anti- Hair Loss Control System

for hair loss cases

L- Cystine & auxina tricogena.

In vivo research, dermatologically tested.

Effective reduction* of hair loss up to 88.9% of cases.

* In consumer tests, 80% of women and 88.9% of men judged the treatment as effective in hair loss reduction and 100% of women and 77.8% of men that is pleasant to use.
+8.3 % increase in the number of anagen hair
Evaluation after three months treatment by means of phototrichogram technique


Recommended for three applications per week, for three months without interruptions.
For best performance, use SERI SCALP COMFORT shampoo throughout the duration of the application, even on days when you do not apply the lotion.
After completion of the treatment you can use 1 vial per week for maintenance.

On dry or slightly damp hair, apply the contents of the vial on the scalp with the special applicator.
Massage gently with the fingertips until the lotion is spread evenly on the hair roots.
Do not rinse the lotion.

SERI Natural Line Palm Shampoo

With Elaeis Guineensis (Palm) Oil & Wheat Proteins

The Palm Shampoo of SERI Natural Line nurtures and revitalizes hair. It contains Palm Oil and a combination of Vitamins and Wheat germ proteins that reinforce and moisturize hair, provide strength, shine and vitality. It is ideal for shampooing after using the SERI Palm Butter. For all hair types. For best results complete the treatment using the revitalizing SERI Palm hair mask.

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