Why work with Farcom

Being a customer to FARCOM means you are treated like a member of the family. Not only do we evaluate the trends, we also value the satisfaction and usefulness of the product to your needs.

  • Over 50 year experience in cosmetics manufacturing
  • Proven capabilities in formulating and filling a wide range of mixes from creams to light oils
  • Excellent know-how throughout the company structure (chemists/ R & D, production, commercial)
  • Currently working in several International consumer and professional markets
  • Certified to ISO 9001:2008 Standard and GMP ISO 22716:2007 Cosmetics Standard
  • 100% Greek Manufacturing to meet exacting
  • Flexible, low-cost manufacturer

FARCOM operates since its inception according to the strictest requirements of the National Organization for Medicine and the European legislation. Since 2001 the company acquired the Quality Management System ISO 9001 to ensure top quality products and impeccable customer service. Always pioneer, FARCOM is among the first companies in the industry that has established a Good Manufacturing Practices system certified according the International GMP Standard ISO 22716 by TÜV AUSTRIA.

Investments in quality
From the laboratory to the shopping bag

FARCOM invests extensively in Production Technologies (CNC, FMS, Internet, Software), in R & D for the creation of innovative products (using eco-friendly oriented raw materials), and in Quality Control to ensure the highest quality standards at all times. Quality control checks and inspections are carried out during all the stages of the production process ( from the acquisition of the Raw/Packaging material till the release of the final product).

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Mea Natura Pomegranate Heritage

Pomegranate. A unique elixir of youth.
Hair, face & skin care products.
86%-96% natural origin ingredients.

Mea Natura Pomegranate Face

Anti-ageing, anti-wrinkle facial protection.
For all skin types.
86%-96% natural origin ingredients.

Mea Natura Pomegranate Body

Anti-ageing care for body & hands.
For young & mature skin.
88%-94% natural origin ingredients.

Mea Natura Pomegranate Hair

Color brilliance & youth save.
For color-treated hair.
88%-94% natural origin ingredients.

Mea Natura Olive Heritage

Olive. Pure, organic & precious.
Hair & skin care products.
88%-96% natural origin ingredients.

Mea Natura Olive Body

Complete range for skin care.
88%-96% natural origin ingredients.

Mea Natura Olive Hair

Complete range for hair care.
88%-94% natural origin ingredients.

Farcom Arlem

Body care.
Scents and natural extracts  from all the corners of the world into your home.

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