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VITAL Shampoo Family Mild Care

For all hair types

Its mild formula is specifically developed to provide deep and gentle cleansing suitable for the whole family.
It contains chamomile extract, renowned for its softening and anti-irritant action, and pro-Vitamin B5 for hair hydration and maintenance of its natural balance.

ALLERGEN FREE fragrance.

VITAL Shampoo Daily Care

Ideal for all hair types.

The tonic properties of ginger combined to pro-Vitamin B5, which penetrates the hair shaft providing long-lasting hydration, help hair to maintain its natural balance and vitality.
The shampoo active cleansing agent system allows washing hair every day without affecting the skin’s natural pH, while ensuring perfectly clean hair.

VITAL Shampoo Vitality & Protection

Ideal for all hair types.

The Pro-Vitamin B5 hydrating action in combination with the green tea anti-oxidant properties, the caffeine, and the theophylline contained, boost hair health increasing its protection against everyday damage leaving hair healthy looking, full of strength and vitality.

VITAL Shampoo Shiny Color

For dyed hair

Its specific formula is enriched with active color protection ingredients, pro-Vitamin B5 and an exclusive fruit complex that help to maintain intensive color brilliance and radiant shine after each wash, while hydrating and restoring hair natural balance.

VITAL Shampoo Bitter Almond

FARCOM Bitter Almond Shampoo is ideal for daily care of all hair types.
The pro-Vitamin B5 contained, penetrates the hair shaft providing deep hydration and contributing to hair balance and shine.
Ideal for daily use.

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