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ISO 9001:2015                 ISO 22716:2007

About us

  • Family driven business.
  • Established in 1970.
  • One of the leading Greek cosmetics company.
  • Customer-focused approach.
  • Continuous investment in human capital, system and infrastructure to increase competitiveness.
  • 170 people, technical experts, highly-qualified administration employees, and highly-engaged workforce.


FARCOM’s vision is to offer the domestic and foreign market, innovative cosmetic products and high-standards services at competitive prices, based on its multi-year experience, partners’ business resources, and continuous investment in research and development. FARCOM implements a customer-oriented approach, focusing on maximizing customer satisfaction.


Our mission is to create and provide our customers with inspiring and refreshing products, of the utmost quality and aesthetics.


FARCOM values are at the core of our company’s culture, showing the way we operate since the very first day we started.

Quality Consistency

Our passion for improvement, constant quest for innovative solutions and dedication to excellence, impact all the aspects of our business.

Target Focused

We encourage initiative, creativity, extroversion and innovation, aiming to continuously improving and making our customers proud of their choice.

Human Centered Approach

Our development is based on deep respect for our employees, partners and customers. We are open to our customers’ suggestions, emphasizing on interactive communication and meaningful dialogue.

Social Responsibility

FARCOM acknowledges the importance of the environmental protection and takes actions to reduce the ecological footprint. As far as human values are concerned, we defend the most socially vulnerable groups, apply equal opportunity employment policies, and create mutual trust relations with local communities.



In order to carry out our mission and to achive our business objectives, we implemented a number of key actions:

  • Ongoing synergies with main research centres in Europe and America and active participation in international trade fairs to ensure that we keep close contact with the global market trends and needs while identifying real opportunities to which we provide innovative and effective solutions.
  • Continuous investment in human capital, systems and infrastructure to increase our competitiveness as well as profitability.
  • Building an organizational culture to deliver superior customer satisfaction and long term relationships in ways that benefit the organization and its stakeholders.
  • As added value to our customers we are continuosly expanding our in-house FARCOM Academy for technical seminars, artistic and vocational training of hairdressing students, clients and partners.
  • Use of environmentally friendly raw materials.

Quality Policy

In response to the demands of modern business reality, FARCOM S.A. aspires to produce and market safe products, and to improve its corporate organization and internal communication. This is why the Company has a System in place to ensure that it complies with ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management Systems-QMS) and ISO 22716:2007 (Good Manufacturing Practices -G.M.P.).

The System covers production and trade of cosmetic products and disinfectants and it was designed to meet the needs and goals of FARCOM, in compliance with the Legal and Regulatory requirements of current Greek and European Union legislation.

Through its dynamic growth FARCOM S.A. now holds a leading position in the Cosmetic Manufacturing and Trade industry. FARCOM operates at three distinct premises, namely, two Productive Units and a central Administration building housing the Sales Department and the Main Warehouse.

The fundamental principles of FARCOM S.A. are reliable deliveries and ensuring Customer satisfaction and trust, by fulfilling specific quality specifications. The overall aim is to provide company Customers with safe products of consistently high quality. In fact, FARCOM aspires:

·      to fully satisfy its customer demands, always aiming to prevent rather than correct errors;
·      to keep expanding its market share, while always maintaining the high quality of its products;
·      to continuously improve its human resources through training courses and through hiring fully-qualified young employees;
·      to ensure a safe working environment for its personnel;
·      to continuously improve Company operations by effectively using the following:

  • Implementation and improvement of the Integrated Quality System and Good Manufacturing Practice;
  • Setting goals and continuously monitoring them through Administrative Reviews;
  • Providing all employees and associates with the necessary means (materials, tools, training) to continuously improve Company activities;
  • Ensuring all products manufactured and traded comply with relevant Legislation and  Regulatory requirements;
  • Taking all necessary measures to ensure Health and Safety for Company personnel;
  • Communicating its Quality Policy to employees and all stakeholders;
  • Written documentation (documents – record files) to maintain the traceability of company activities so as to prevent misinterpretation or loss of information.

To ensure these objectives are achieved, the Quality System and Good Manufacturing Practice include all necessary references.

The Administration is committed to providing the infrastructure and equipment considered necessary for carrying out Company operations and implementing the System.

Furthermore, the philosophy and values of FARCOM S.A. include mitigating environmental impact, through the wise use of natural resources and the implementation of health and safety rules.

All employees are responsible for the quality of their work and have to participate in and contribute to the effective implementation of System principles.  This is why all employees, depending on their competences, are regularly updated about their position in the company organization chart, with regard to their responsibilities and competences.

Procedures, flows and actions that do not guarantee the achievement of the objectives set are promptly terminated by those responsible, while causes are analyzed and necessary improvement measures are set.

Social Responsibility

In a fast changing modern environment we value traditions and operate with ethical business practices which means we conduct business with integrity.
Our fundamental guide is to be a social responsible company and to act in the best interest of all stakeholders.

Environmental Concern

We keep improving the way we conduct business in the most environmental friendly way in all steps, from the handling of raw materials to final packaging, to the shelves of the store by constant adaptation to latest regulations and improvement on the way we manage our waste.


Since its foundation FARCOM stands by the professional hairstylists, providing them with all the necessary tools to work in the most up-to-date and effective manner. A wide range of hair care and styling products, alongside infinite coloring solutions are available to the professional hairdressers to choose from. FARCOM expresses its continuous support to professional hair experts and students, by providing training seminars in its in-house Hair Academy by specialized, highly experienced and decorated partners from Greece and abroad.


A wide variety of hair, face and body products, as well as well-known FARCOM own brands, are available in supermarkets and cosmetics shops in Greece and abroad. To ensure we gain and maintain our consumers’ trust, we have established effective communication channels. This allows us to get a deeper understanding of their needs, which are satisfied by constantly creating high-quality, innovative products.

Private Brand

Large chains of hair salons, cosmetics and supermarkets trust FARCOM for the development of their private label products. Our company offers tailor-made formulas, product development design, a large variety of packaging solutions and above all, exhaustive quality controls aiming at providing high-end quality products matching the standards of more renowned brands in the market.


FARCOM has a solid international presence listing more than 50 countries around the world.

Countries where we export (pdf)

Why work with Farcom

  • 50 years experience in cosmetics manufacturing
  • Proven capabilities in formulating and filling a wide range of mixes from creams to light oils
  • Excellent know-how throughout the company structure
  • Working in several International consumer and professional markets
  • Certified to ISO 9001:2008 Standard and GMP ISO 22716:2007 Cosmetics Standard
  • Continuous Investment in quality
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FARCOM’s privately owned headquarters are located in New Redestos (Thessaloniki), on a 31500 sqm site and 5500 sqm premises, which houses the Finance and Administration Department, Sales and Marketing Department, the Logistics Department, the Foreign Markets Department and the Industrial Design Department. The production is made in its privately owned factory in Thessaloniki…

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