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25.11.21 Farcom Professional Barber Seminar & Workshop by A. Tsarouxas – Arren Men’s Grooming Brand Ambassador

On 1 & 15 November, a successful two-day barber seminar & workshop attended exclusively by professionals was hosted at FARCOM Academy in Thessaloniki. The seminar was given by Anastasios Tsarouchas, ambassador for ARREN Men’s Grooming line and he presented new haircut techniques and all latest barber trends. The useful advice and tools helped participants enrich their knowledge and enhance their services. The seminar was complemented by a workshop during which the attending professional hair dressers had the opportunity to implement the new barber techniques presented to them.

7.10.2021 Hairfest Bootcamp 2021 powered by Farcom Professional – Sponsored by Arren Men΄s Grooming

“ The Hairfest Bootcamp took place on September 5, 2021 in Thessaloniki, at the Porto Palace Hotel, with the official guest and central figure of the event, the internationally famous barber, Josh Lamonaca”.


On 18th November 2019, FARCOM and ARTERO’s official global ambassador, Vicenc Moreto, presented a BARBER Seminar/Show at the Thessaloniki Concert Hall.

The event was attended by prominent personalities from the hair styling industry and was crowded by many participants. More than five hundred hair stylists from all over Greece gathered in the stunning building of the ​​Thessaloniki Concert Hall and enjoyed the spectacular event, inspired by Vicenc Moreto’s classic aesthetics combined with contemporary and modern elements that characterize his work. His hairdressing and hair styling techniques have been a source of inspiration for the participants, reaffirming why he is regarded as one of the most celebrated and renowned barbers in the world.

The year 2020 is of particular importance for FARCOM as it celebrates its 50th anniversary from its foundation and continuous presence alongside the hair styling industry. FARCOM is considered as the leading Greek manufacturer of professional hairdressing products in Greece.
This has been a great opportunity for the professional hair stylists to take part to an event starring eminent artists.

FARCOM PROFESSIONAL – Educational Seminar BRIDAL & EVENING Hairstyles

On December 2nd, 2019 the last educational, professionals only, Bridal & Evening Hairstyles, seminar of the year, was held at its FARCOM’s Academy in Thessaloniki by guest Hair Artist Konstantina Casia, a highly decorated and award nominated professional. The seminar was a great success driven by Konstantine’s inspiration and creative energy.

On the show, attended by professional hairdressers, bridal and evening hairstyles proposals were presented. Thanks to her excellent training in bridal – evening hairstyles, attendees were given the opportunity to acquire useful tips and hinds.

Professional hairdressers renewed their appointment for the upcoming round of training seminars at FARCOM’s 2020 Academy.


Training Seminar LASER LINES & Workshop

The Laser Lines Philosophy Hair Cuts & Workshop training seminar was successfully held by guest Hair Artist Athanasios Paliouras at the FARCOM Academy in Thessaloniki on Monday 14TH October.

The seminar was attended by professional hairdressers who were presented with women’s haircuts suggestions, followed by a workshop.

The experienced Hair Artist positively impressed the audience through his detailed seminar and presentation which led to an overall extremely successful event in accordance with the latest fashion trends.

FARCOM PROFESSIONAL – Educational Seminar BRIDAL & EVENING Hairstyles & Workshop

The Bridal & Evening Hairstyles & Workshop educational seminar, exclusively for professionals, was presented by guest Hair Artist Konstantina Kassia, at the FARCOM Academy in Thessaloniki on April 1st. The seminar was attended by professional hairdressers who were presented with bridal and evening hairstyles suggestions, followed by a workshop. Konstantina’s excellent training skills in bridal-evening hairstyles, combined to her enthusiasm and creativity fostered a high degree of interaction with the attendants, leading to an extremely successful event.

It is worth noting that Konstantina Kassia was awarded with the Hairdresser of the Year 2019 prize at the
ition, securing a place at the next


Freechic Collection presented by FRANCOIS ACADEMY in Alexandroupoli

The FRANCOIS ACADEMY team, in collaboration with FARCOM PROFESSIONAL, on 9th June presented the new FREECHIC collection at the Astir Egnatia Hotel in Alexandroupoli with great success and participation.

A separate FREECHIC collection seminar, inspired by Sportswear – Free style and Chic spirit, was held for the professional hairdressers of the Alexandroupoli’s county. The FREECHIC collection is characterized by delicate colors that gradually brighten up, in combination with lightweight hairstyles full of movement that radiate the dynamism and charm of this year’s collection. The color combinations of the EXPERTIA & OLENCIA hair colors by FARCOM Professional, accentuate the hairstyle uniqueness that either projects a sloppy (FREE), or an elegant (CHIC) image.

FARCOM PROFESSIONAL Main Sponsor of the 5th HAIPROF – 2019

Supporting all major hairdressing events, FARCOM was the main sponsor of the 5th HAIRPROF, the only professional hairdressing exhibition in Greece, held from 16th to 18th February at the HELEXPO Exhibition Center in Maroussi, Athens. FARCOM enhanced its presence at the venue by holding its own booth at the show.

With 49 years presence in the hairdressing industry, FARCOM is renowned as the leading Greek manufacturer of professional hairdressing products in Greece. Supports the professional hairdressers in every possible way, satisfying and inspiring their creativity needs, constantly expanding its product portfolio.

It should be noted that FARCOM supports as the main sponsor, the 3 winners of the contests held during the exhibition,
Greek Hairdresser, Greek Barber and Student Hairdresser of the Year who will compete at the next OMC WORLD CHAMPION in Paris.




Farcom was granted one of the most outward-looking companies in Greece.

Farcom was named one of the most dynamic export businesses at the CREATIVE GREECE AWARDS 2018, an Outward-Looking Greece, which was held for the 10th year by New Times Publishing.

Farcom received a CERTIFICATE for standing out for its performance from an outward-looking perspective.

George Kalpakidis, National Account Manager at FARCOM

George Kalpakidis, National Account Manager at FARCOM

The business distinction awards were held on Wednesday 21st March 2018, at the Wyndham Grand Hotel in Athens.

The event was attended by a large audience, including prominent Greek politicians, representatives of the biggest corporations, and the most dynamic, export-oriented Greek enterprises

The Creative Greece Awards 2018 are for businesses:

  • with the highest-performing (based on turnover) outward-looking production enterprises in the country
  • with the highest performance in the tourism service sectorc with the highest performance in the shipping sector
  • with the highest performance in the shipping sector


farco0m professional ilias zarbalis maste class

“URBAN PHILOSOPHY” Masterclass & Workshop

The first cycle of URBAN PHILOSOPHY Masterclass & Workshop by the Hair Artist Ilias Zarbalis concluded successfully. The venue took place in FARCOM Academy on 16th & 17th September.

Ilias Zarbalis presented for the first time and to a limited audience, the step-by-step URBAN PHILOSOPHY expressed through a number of supreme haircut techniques. He also shared with the audience his personal views on new fashion trends.

According to Ilias, there are no rules for hair cuts or hair coloring. Every woman should combine the trends depending on her mood and her personal style. Those who attended the masterclass & workshop had the chance to learn important tips about EXPERTIA hair color & HAIRPLEX, which can be used as technical tools and as a source of inspiration and creativity.

Professional hairdressers from all over Greece renewed their appointment for the next upcoming seminars with Ilias Zarbalis on 7th & 8th October at FARCOM Academy.

farcomprofessional_zarbalis masterclass

farcom professional academy_ilias zarbalis masterclass




farcom professional_zarbalis masterclass


Farcom Professional & TONI&GUY Academy, Thessaloniki 2017

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