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1970 – 2020. FARCOM is celebrating 50 years of activity.

FARCOM was founded in 1970 in Thessaloniki by Mr Georgios Sarasidis.
The year 2020 marks our 50th anniversary celebration of dynamic presence in the beauty industry.

The company has enjoyed uninterrupted growth since its set up and ranks among the largest cosmetics manufacturers in Greece.

FARCOM offers a wide range of coloring, hair care, and skin care products that are available to consumers and professionals through a variety of distribution channels. 

18 High-Quality product Brands
3000 SKUs

53 export countries worldwide

170 employees

3.500m2 privately-owned

5.500m2 privately-owned

2nd Production Factory 10.000m2
which enables us to expand to new product categories.

FARCOM: 2.000 Hand Sanitizers donated to the General Police-Headquarters of Thessaloniki

FARCOM readily responded to the appeal by the Deputy Minister of the Interior (of Macedonia & Thrace), Mr. Theodoros Karaoglou, to donate antiseptics to the General Police Directorate Headquarters of Thessaloniki.

The company, continuing its Corporate Social Responsibility actions and activities, provided 2.000 Hand Sanitizers for the hygienic protection of the forces who daily offer their front-line services. The donation reflects FARCOM’s conviction that support by the private sector during periods of major crises is critical and has a decisive role to play.

The donation was delivered by the Deputy Minister himself on Monday 30 November 2020, at the Police Headquarters Building, in the presence of Police Major General Lazaros Mavropoulos, the General Police Director of Thessaloniki, and Ms. Stella Soumski, FARCOM Marketing Director.

FARCOM standing by the children of the GREEK CHILDREN’S VILLAGE at Filiro

FARCOM readily responded to the appeal made by the Greek Children’s Village at Filiro to meet the fundamental needs of its facilities that are experiencing an unprecedented crisis.

Due to the circumstances caused by the pandemic in the country, the Children’s Village is facing unprecedented dwindling in sponsorship and donation support, which exacerbates the threat against its very operation.

FARCOM, following up its efforts to support vulnerable social groups in a spirit of respect and responsibility, responded readily by donating to the village personal hygiene and children’s hygiene products, both for the children and their carers, wishing them to soon overcome the major challenges they are facing.

FARCOM received an honorary distinction at the “Salus & The Kind Hearts Awards 2020” Event

FARCOM received another corporate excellence honorary distinction at “SALUS & THE KIND HEARTS” Event, organised by the New Times Publishing Organisation. The event was held at Horizontes Restaurant, on Mt. Lecabettus, on Tuesday 27 October 2020.

FARCOM was represented online by its Marketing Director, Ms. Stella Soumski, who addressed the audience and conveyed the sincere appreciation of company administration.

This award was received by FARCOM during a landmark year, as 2020 marks the company’s golden jubilee. FARCOM has been a major cosmetics industry in Greece, offering consumers top quality and aesthetics products for half a century.

Besides, by the end of 2020, FARCOM’s new, ultra-modern production plant is to be completed, deployed over an area of 10,000m2; the project’s investment budget exceeds  5,000,000 Euros  and makes it a pivotal point for further growth in the years to come.

FARCOM: Antisceptics donated to SOS Children’s Village in Plagiari




Personal antiseptic packets have been donated by FARCOM to protect children residing under the guardianship of SOS Children’s Village in Plagiari. Once again, FARCOM has confirmed its corporate social support to agencies fostering children.

SOS Children’s Villages provide care and protection to children who, for whatever reason, cannot be brought up by their parents. This supporting care is provided on a stable and long-term basis from the early sensitive years of childhood to the point when the young person can stand on their own two feet – properly prepared for life as an ethical and vocationally qualified member of society.

We would like to warmly thank Mr. Agathonikos Drepanidis for his acknowledgement letter to FARCOM.

We wish health and prosperity to him, the children, and all the people of SOS Children’s Village for their invaluable daily social work.

FARCOM: Received Silver Sales Excellence Award for 2020

FARCOM has distinguished itself at an important event once again, claiming the Silver prize at this year’s Sales Excellence Awards 2020, the awards celebrating and highlighting best sales practices. FARCOM was one of the winners in the ‘Exports & International Trade’ category.  The Sales Excellence Award presentation ceremony took place on Thursday 24 September 2020 at House124 in Chalandri, Athens.

This year’s Sales Excellence Awards Event was co-organised by Boussias Communications and the Sales Institute in Greece (IPE). The event was adapted to the special circumstances due to the pandemic. Winners received their awards in accordance with the measures and regulations in place due to the current conditions. However, despite these restrictions, organisers and participants sent a clear message of optimism as regards the prospects of Greek entrepreneurship.

FARCOM is one of the largest cosmetic manufacturers in Greece and exports its products to 53 countries around the globe.

FARCOM: Donation of antiseptics to Pavlos Melas Municipality, Thessaloniki

Hand Antiseptic Gels were donated by FARCOM to the Department of Social Policy of the   Municipality of Pavlos Melas, as part of the company’s continuous efforts, since the outbreak of the pandemic, to provide aid for vulnerable population groups.

These antiseptic products are to be distributed to children at the nurseries run by the Municipality, the children helped by the “Children’s Umbrella” [Paidiki Ombrella] Child and Family Support Group, and the children attending the free social assistance ‘frontistirion’ [coaching school] operated by the Municipality of Pavlos Melas.

Afterwards, a ceremony was held to present the admirable work of ‘Children’s umbrella’. The ceremony was attended by Mr Simopoulos MP, the mayor of Pavlos Melas Mr Demourtzidi,   the Deputy Mayor Mrs. Amanatidou, the managers of “Children’s Umbrella” organization, and the Marketing Director of Farcom, Mrs Stella Soumski.

FARCOM: Supporting “MELISSA” Girls’ Orphanage

It was with great joy that FARCOM greeted the opportunity of covering the needs of ‘MELISSA’ Foundation, by donating daily care and protection products such as shampoo, hair conditioners and antiseptic preparations.

‘MELISSA’ provides a home and cares for girls who were abandoned or neglected by their families and has been doing so without interruption since 1921. The need to support the Foundation’s commendable charity work is greater than ever due to the current economic recess and the COVID-19 pandemic crisis.

We warmly thank the Director of the Orphanage, Ms. Vasileia Mavrou, for her letter acknowledging our gesture.

FARCOM Another “Diamonds of the Greek Economy 2020” business distinction award.

Yet again, FARCOM gained a very important business distinction. For the second consecutive year, it was awarded as the “Diamond” of the Greek economy at the annual event of business excellence DIAMONDS OF THE GREEK ECONOMY AWARDS 2020, which took place at the Hilton Athens Hotel on Wednesday July 15th.

The aim of the event, which took place for the seventeenth consecutive year, was to highlight the most dynamic Greek companies, which sent a strong message of optimism for the prospects of Greek entrepreneurship despite the outbreak of the pandemic.

The ceremony was held in the presence of the Ministers of Development and Investment, Mr. Adonis Georgiadis, and the Minister of Energy and Environment, Mr. Kostis Hatzidakis, as well as leading business entities of the country and high-ranking business executives. Due to the measures taken to limit the spread of Covid-19, the event was held with special hosting protocols and specific hygiene rules, while it was broadcast live via Live streaming.

The year 2020 marks our 50th anniversary celebration of dynamic presence in the beauty industry. The company has enjoyed uninterrupted growth since its set up and ranks among the largest cosmetics manufacturers in Greece, listing 53 countries worldwide.

We pride ourselves of 18 high-quality product brands amounting to nearly 3000 SKUs featuring hair, body, and skin care products. This year we are focused on completing the building of our second factory (10000 m2) which enables us to expand to new product categories establishing the fulcrum of further company’s expansion for the future.


On 18th November 2019, FARCOM and ARTERO’s official global ambassador, Vicenc Moreto, presented a BARBER Seminar/Show at the Thessaloniki Concert Hall.

The event was attended by prominent personalities from the hair styling industry and was crowded by many participants. More than five hundred hair stylists from all over Greece gathered in the stunning building of the ​​Thessaloniki Concert Hall and enjoyed the spectacular event, inspired by Vicenc Moreto’s classic aesthetics combined with contemporary and modern elements that characterize his work. His hairdressing and hair styling techniques have been a source of inspiration for the participants, reaffirming why he is regarded as one of the most celebrated and renowned barbers in the world.

The year 2020 is of particular importance for FARCOM as it celebrates its 50th anniversary from its foundation and continuous presence alongside the hair styling industry. FARCOM is considered as the leading Greek manufacturer of professional hairdressing products in Greece.
This has been a great opportunity for the professional hair stylists to take part to an event starring eminent artists.

FARCOM Diamonds Awards 2019

FARCOM Diamonds Awards 2019

FARCOM gained a very important distinction of “Diamond” of the Greek economy, at the DIAMONDS OF THE GREEK ECONOMY AWARDS 2019 held on Wednesday, July 10 at a magnificent ceremony at the Grande Bretagne Athens Hotel.

As stated by Mr. Themis Sarasidis upon receiving the prize: “This prize belongs to all FARCOM employees“.

The ceremony was attended by numerous entrepreneurs and executives of the largest companies in Greece, representatives of the government, public organizations and institutions who delivered a strong message about the prospects of Greek entrepreneurship. It is worth noting the presence of mass media at the ceremony.

For over 49 years, FARCOM remained faithful to its commitment to continuous development while listing 53 exporting countries around the world. Having a full range of hair, body and face care products, the company is currently in the forefront of the Greek cosmetics production and marketing companies.

FARCOM PROFESSIONAL – Educational Seminar BRIDAL & EVENING Hairstyles

On December 2nd, 2019 the last educational, professionals only, Bridal & Evening Hairstyles, seminar of the year, was held at its FARCOM’s Academy in Thessaloniki by guest Hair Artist Konstantina Casia, a highly decorated and award nominated professional. The seminar was a great success driven by Konstantine’s inspiration and creative energy.

On the show, attended by professional hairdressers, bridal and evening hairstyles proposals were presented. Thanks to her excellent training in bridal – evening hairstyles, attendees were given the opportunity to acquire useful tips and hinds.

Professional hairdressers renewed their appointment for the upcoming round of training seminars at FARCOM’s 2020 Academy.

FARCOM, the main sponsor of TEDxUOM 2019

In line with this year’s theme, “reboot”, FARCOM was again the main sponsor of the Macedonia University’s TEDxUOM seventh edition, held on November 30th at the NOESIS Science Center & Technology Museum of Thessaloniki.

During the event, FARCOM presented the “Cosmetic Labelling” workshop. The aim of the workshop was to clarify the manner in which consumers can decode the information written on the cosmetics product’s labels. By doing that, we help increase consumers’ awareness and enable them to make more conscious choices in the decision making process.

With 50-year experience in the cosmetics field, FARCOM provides on-going support to youth-driven initiatives organizing such projects and conferences.

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